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        2. QA

          QA:Quality Assurance

          ISO certification:The company's product quality conforms to ISO9001:2008 standard

          ■  ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Certification)

          ■  ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System Certification)

          ■  ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

          Establish and standardize the quality system with GMP as the framework

          Quality standards: participate in the formulation of quality standards in the product R & D stage based on the principle of ICH.

          Activities and responsibilities: 

          · Quality system construction

          · Eligibility for release

          · Document review and promulgation

          · For example: management procedures, standard operating procedures, batch records

          · File receiving and dispatching management: batch record issuance, filing, label management;

          · Change control, deviation control, quality investigation

          · Verify the approval of the agreement

          · Training

          · Internal audit, self-inspection of compliance

          · Supplier qualification and supplier audit

          · Product recall



          QC:Quality Control

          In our laboratories and production workshops, we provide high-quality analysis and inspections throughout the entire process to ensure that each batch of products can meet the needs of our customers.

          Activities and responsibilities:

          · Sampling, analysis and inspection of raw materials, intermediates and cleaning samples

          · Sampling, analysis and inspection of finished products

          · Validation of analytical methods

          · Stability test

          · Gage calibration management

          Room 201, Building 1, No. 64 Xingqiaobei Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province  (Hangzhou Read)

          No. 39, Part D, Mingxi Develop District, Sanming City,        Fujian Province (Fujian Freemind)

          Central exchange: +86-598-2893888
          Purchasing department: +86-598-2812588
          E_mail: purchase@freemindpharm.com(Purchase)
          E_mail: HR@freemindpharm.com(Human Resources)

          Sales Department: +86-598-2812288 / 89912636
          Mr. Huang mobile: +86-15306818081      QQ: 530739555
          E_mail: info@hzread.com; sales@freemindpharm.com
          Ms. Xie mobile: +86-15372061639     QQ: 1528445474 
          E_mail: info@freemindpharm.com

          Mr. Xue   export@hzread.com

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